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Acetate Fairy/Butterfly Wing Collage


I am so excited to be able to share these wings with you. I was making a needle felted fairy mouse and needed some wings, so as I had already designed the bee wing sheets I thought I would try for my fairy.

This is an A4 sheet with a choice of 6 different wings. The largest fairy style wings are 13 cm wing span. If you would like to swap the design around or change the sizes please do ask me. As I print each sheet I am able to do this for you. You may want all of one butterfly rather than a mixture. If the design results in a price change I will inform you before you pay.

As you can see I used the rainbow butterfly wings on my mouse. They are absolutely beautiful and give a wonderful stained glass effect as the light is shining through. I folded the wing in half and added a little glue on the crease to sick the wings to my felt. I then decided to add a little wool to hide the centre of the butterfly. I then decided to sew the embroidery thread around the body of the butterfly as I

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