What Equipment is Needed For Wet Felting?

There is a lot of specialist equipment available but as you can see in this photograph I use things I have at home.

I do not have enough room to felt on my kitchen work tops sadly but they are a good height for most. I usually felt in a shed in the garden but it is far too cold at the moment. So a fold up table it is for now. For this reason I do not tend to do large projects in the winter months. You need to make sure the table you are working on is not too low to save your back. 

You may need towels to soak up any spillages and they also help dry the felt. I use bubble wrap from packaging if I can to work on, I often manage to save it from going into the bin at work too. 

Laminate floor liner is great for templates. Sometimes you van get this or very thick plastic sheets from shops from deliveries they have had, 

A bowl for water, also something to spray your water. I do have a ball brause as seen in the photo but to be honest an old washing up liquid bottle or an old milk bottle with holes in the lid work just as well. Some people use garden sprayers.

I tend to use olive oil soap that I have from a well known health food shop but washing up liquid is finer too. 

Pool noodles, foam pipe insulation, plastic pipes, bamboo mats or an old salt and pepper cellar as you see on my table all work well for rolling. But if you do not have them then rolling in the bubble wrap and towel will work too. 

I do use an electric sander but I know how to use one and how to protect it from any water so please do not use one if you are not sure. I also have the palm washboard that you can see on my table but an old soap dish or any other lid that has ridges works too. 

But most importantly I use my hands. They are the most important tools for wet felting. If you are just starting out then you really do not need a lot of equipment at first. 

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