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Acetate Dragonfly Wings


Every dragonfly needs a beautiful pair of wings.

These wings have the front and rear wings joined together in the middle . However, if you would like to, you can cut carefully between the front and rear wing and separate them. See photo for size guide.

7 pairs of wings in 2 designs. If you would just like the wings to be all the same, then please do ask.

I cut out each wing separately to use with a polymer clay project. I was able to coat the wings with liquid Sculpey and bake the wings with the body. I also added glitter to give some lovely sparkle.I popped a little super glue at the end of the wing to secure on the body of my dragonfly after baking. If you leave a little tab of the clear acetate at the end of the wing, it makes it easier to insert them. You can, of course cut straight across

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