Acetate Bee Wings


Every little bumble bee needs a beautiful pair of wings. These wings have the front and rear wings joined together, so you do not need to cut out 4 separate wings. However, if you would like to you can cut carefully between the front and rear wing and separate them. If you do this with the white paper behind they are easier to see. The wings are supplied with a hint of colour to them as seen in the photos. You can alter them to suit your style, eg. adding glitter by using sparkly nail varnish or marker pens to colour them. To use, pop a little super glue gel at the end of the wing to secure to the body. If you leave a little tab of clear acetate at the end it makes it easier to insert them. Each wing is approx 2.5cm in length. They are printed on good quality acetate with an inkjet printer. Each sheet is A5 and has 14 pairs of wings.

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