Advent window


This was one of my biggest projects to date. I was asked to make 4 needle felted snowmen and the boy for a Snowman themed advent window in the village of Sudbrooke,  Lincolnshire.

Pauline Loven of Period Wardrobe has made their amazing outfits and dressed the window. 

I just love everything about this and it was an absolute pleasure to have been involved. I hope that it brings pleasure to everyone that sees it. 

Whoops, just like that it is October

Well what can I say, I really have been awol but I have been learning so much. I was lucky enough to be able to take part in an eco printing workshop without mordant taught by the wonderful Nicola Brown. I absolutely loved this. It was just magical as you just do not know how your felted item is going to turn out. 

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Never too old to learn

As the title says you are never too old to learn. I recently joined Dani Ives , who is an amazing fibre artist,  online workshops to refine my 2d felting skills. I am mostly self taught but sometimes I struggle to see what is in front of me when I am painting with wool. I have learnt so much so far and this is a recent eye study I did. I think I am going to make it into a brooch. 

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